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machinery for the metal packaging industry



Based in Southern Europe on the Iberian peninsular, CEPEDA have since 1975 been Europe’s foremost machinery and solution supplier for drawn, shells, ends and twist off caps, providing equipment and services from individual machines and turnkey lines to spare parts and support.

Fabricación de prensa de hoja entera


Based in Northern Europe in the United Kingdom,  MELTOG Limited has been producing machinery for the decorative metal packaging industry since 1950. In 1998, MELTOG bought the Billoway twist off cap company from Linpack and the business was transferred to the company’s main manufacturing facilities which are based in the heart of the UK.  Like CEPEDA, MELTOG and Billoway before it, have a long and proud history of supplying this equipment all across the world.

Meltog Factory
Prensa en proceso de fabricación


Together, both companies make Europe the leading continent for the manufacture and supply of this type of equipment. To build on this reputation further and perhaps more importantly, to ensure development in this key sector of the packaging industry is continued, both companies have combined their expertise to form a joint company ensuring that both new and existing customers enjoy an unparalleled level of customer service and the supply of turnkey and stand-alone equipment of the highest quality and reliability.

Under this new venture called CEPEDAMELTOG, the engineering takes place in the UK with manufacturing, assembly and spare parts being supplied from Meltog’s manufacturing facility with new sales, after sales, finance and administration being managed from Madrid.

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